I Get It…

What do you do when God calls you out? When He shows you why. When He gives you answers to the questions you’ve been asking for awhile but feel like He’s been silent about. You know… when you finally get it. And you realize He hasn’t really been silent, He’s been patiently waiting on you to realize what He’s been trying to tell you all along. To stop settling. That you’re worth so much more. That you deserve the love you give everyone else. But because you haven’t wanted to end up alone, you’ve taken less than what you deserve. Tolerated things you know you shouldn’t (and normally wouldn’t), because you want someone to love (and to love you). Scars from childhood hurts have carried over til now because you’ve pushed them down and have been trying to do this love thing all on your own. But don’t you know that when you give things over to Him, they always turn out so much better? And who better to guide you to the love you want, the love that you deserve, than the one who created you and knows you better than you know yourself?


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